May The 4th Be With You 

Post date: May 4, 2022 6:36:05 PM

In a galaxy far far away......

  Our kids grew up loving Star Wars, so what else could I do but host a party for the last movie premiere. 

     Rather then purchasing new I actually climbed into the attic and found all those treasures my children once had....did I mention they're now all in their 30's? Haha 

Immediately at the door I wanted to get my guests into the party fun - I really wish it captured on film better but I used black and white balloons and streamers all falling from the ceiling.  Like you're walking into a astro field. 

The movie premier was a week before Christmas so I had that to work around but honestly I do not think anyone cared!  

 At the end of your journey you were greeted by no else but Darth Vader! LOL Another hit everyone loved taking pictures with him!

I loved the fact that some came with their own interpretation of a costume -  it really was a fun afternoon! 

Of course we were going to the movie!! Keeping the food simple was important but I still wanted it fun!  And of course every party needs a signature cocktail for the grownups! :)

Yoda on my back.... if you said the word you had to wear yoda on your back.  Simple but with this group it was a hilarious game!

No need of a cake, this time I simply made wookie cookies and packaged them so everyone could take them to go!  Perfect for a movie snack. :)

No party is complete without something memorable.  A dollar store find, these plastic light sabers and paper masks were a hit!  It never amazes me how the simplest things make for a fun party.

I have to smile when I look back at this party such a fun day - simplicity at its best.  It did take some time putting some of it together but it was so well worth it in the end.  


Party ON!