An engagement party for the groom & bride-to-be

Post date: Jun 29, 2010 6:15:30 AM

These fabulous little invitations set the mood and theme for our daughter's engagement party.

Engagement "Toasts" Fortune Cookies

Planning parties is something that I love to do and one that was very special to me

was planning an engagement party for our daughter.

Wanting to do something different my husband and I made fortune cookies. Easier than you think these cookies were fun to make - maybe making the fortunes was better!

You have to work fast to shape the cookies before they cool, so having the fortunes ready to go is key.

A great trick is to use a bowl to shape the cookie with the fortune laying on top,

Fold the cookie in half then fold again around the edge of bowl, seam side up.

Keep a kitchen towel handy to allow cookies to cool completely before packaging.

Each cookie had either a funny or sweet fortune for the loving couple.

Wrapped individually in heart bags, they stored perfectly in this container.

Rather than offering the traditional toasts, each guest had a glass of champagne and read their fortune to the groom and bride to be. A fabulous way to bring everyone together at the end of the evening.

Keeping it easy I try to limit the amount of things I make.

Good ratio is to purchase 2 things to every 3 that I make. This allows me to add a personal touch without spending too much time in the kitchen.

Have fun with your theme. Using what you already have and being creative makes it fun for you and your guests.

With each cake I make, I learn by my mistakes. I try not to get so hard on myself when I make goofs, there's always a way to hide your oops!

Who would have thought a $3.00 package of diamond rings would be

such a hit! Everyone was wearing them by the end of the evening.

Diamond ring cookies were the perfect favor for guests to bring home.

The best way to have a successful party is to make it your own. Having a theme is a great way to start and then brainstorm ideas. Some ideas may have to be saved for the next party, keeping it fun but simple is important because you'll be able to relax and enjoy the party as well!

Party ON!