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Ohhhh Boy! Party For Daddy

posted Nov 5, 2017, 12:17 PM by krissy gillette   [ updated Feb 14, 2018, 1:31 PM ]


Ohhhh Boy!! A party for the Dad-to-Be
It's A Boy!
 Not only fun but a simple and easy office party to celebrate the new father.

 These stickers not only fun to make but easy to use.  

A funny way to serve cream for coffee, but keeping it fun!  

After relabeling these bottles, getting them back onto the plastic
handles was tricky, but made for a better presentation. 

These labels took some time but were fun to make.  
It is important to always have fun with your party theme and to make one
special thing.  It is that extra touch that makes it fun for everyone.

No party is complete without a candy bar!  Everything went into mason jars. 
Simply remove the top covers for easy access.
 Makes for easy transportation and is perfect for parties with limited table space.   

I learn with each cake I make.  Spending time on research before you begin is important.
You can use other things besides cake when decorating. 
 The  bottle is  made of rice cereal and marshmallows,  then covered with fondant.  Easy and fun! 

As I remember fondly about this party I am reminded that each party is unique and different.  
Some parties will be extravagant and others simple and small.  Even a small party can be just as fabulous as a huge one.  
With this I look back and realize this is our one year anniversary here at ohhhhilovethat.  
 I want to thank all my patrons from all over the world.  It is my wish for you when visiting our site, 
you have and will continue to be inspired to have a fabulous party, whether large or small and 
to remember to keep it simple,  fun and most importantly make it your own!  
Cheers to another year!!
Party ON!