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May The 4th Be With You

posted May 4, 2022, 6:31 PM by krissy gillette   [ updated May 4, 2022, 6:36 PM ]

May The "Fourth" Be With You!!
Our kids grew up loving Star Wars, so what else could I do but have a party for the premier of the final movie. 
  What better day than today to look back and remember.  

  First it had to be a black and white theme - what else! :) 
 Then I started looking around the house for anything Star Wars!

I actually had a lot of fun going through drawers and closets putting things together.
Gracious we had way more than I ever thought!

You cannot have a party without Darth Vader!  Everyone wanted a picture with him lol! He was huge!
My nephew had the best outfit!

My attempt of turning the hallway into a light speed galaxy.  While it was really hard to photograph it was fun to walk through! 

I am all about a signature drink when I host a party.  Vader-tini anyone?

It was really important to me to keep the spirit of fun even with the food!  
I was on a roll with some of these tags! lol  Even the ice was part of the theme! 
Once again I incorporated rings into my cupcakes!  I have shared this before.  Everybody loves them, don't ask me why
 but they are always a hit!  A fun party keepsake plus they're a easy and fast way to decorate a cupcake! 
At one point I had to climb up into the attic and dig out all of my boys treasures.  Yes, every room
 had to have something Star Wars!  Did I tell you my boys now are in their 30's now?  Lol 

Sometimes you just go with the flow.  Who has Yoda on their back?
A game we just made up and it was hilarious.  If you said the word you had to wear Yoda on your back!  
Come to the dark side ...... we have cookies.... 
There was no time to make a cake for this party.  So what better than Wookie Cookies!!
We would all be heading to the movies, I thought  cookies to go would be the best for everyone! 
I am always amazed how the simplest things are always a hit at a party.  
These mask I found at all places - the dollar store.  Worn by everyone!  This party literally had to be put
together rather quickly.  It was just a week before Christmas!  I wanted it to be special as it was the last movie - yet the
time of  year everyone was so busy.  I knew it just had to be something stress free yet a time we could get together
 for a quick bite and drink before the show.  
Parties are what you put into them, your love of fun and family.  This is what makes 
memories last forever.  We still talk about this party and who wore Yoda the most! :)
Party ON!